For more than 70 years, the Maclellan family has been blessed to steward funds at the leading edge of global Christian giving.

Each year, the Maclellan Foundation spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to have its global network of strategy directors and associates identify the best opportunities, build relationships with leaders, and monitor projects’ success.

Building on that research, the Maclellan Foundation delivers more than 250 grants to Christ-centered organizations annually.

Thomas Maclellan laid the spiritual and financial
foundation for the Maclellan family’s generosity.

Vetted Christ-centered Projects

Givers have asked us for access to high-impact, Christ-centered, carefully vetted, global opportunities through trusted relationships. But busy givers seldom have time, relationships, or expertise to find these opportunities. We are honored to help.

Each quarter, we select four projects that are our “best of the best” and that match our Giving Partners’ collective interests.

These are projects that inspire from leaders we love, often in regions few can reach. We call this Maclellan Giving Partners. Some have called it “AngelList for Christian giving.”

Your family gets access to exciting projects while learning what God has taught us about effective grantmaking. This is a gift from the Maclellan family to your family. We are honored to share with you and we charge nothing.

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